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While our Protestant scripture calendars have been a big hit, we started off by creating Roman Catholic catechism calendars, and they remain one of our biggest sellers to this day. Trying to stay on track and read the entire Catholic catechism can be tough for a lot of people. We all get distracted by our everyday lives and don’t always stick with this important task. Finding time each day to read can be difficult, especially with a family to take care of.

At Living Fully, we have taken all of the hard work out of it for you, with our easily read Catholic catechism calendars! Our daily Catholic catechism calendars will walk you through all of the pages and scriptures referenced in the catechism. That means that all Marian Feast Days, all of the Saints, and all of the holidays are included.

Because we only sell products of the highest quality, all of our Catholic catechism calendars come in a glossy white gift box with beautiful gold lettering. This same gold lettering and heavy white paper is used for both the front and back covers of the calendar itself, making it an item you will be proud to display at home or work.

Every day you will find a heading with a chapter or a sub-chapter from the catechism in your Catholic catechism calendars, and this will help you stay on track to finish all of it in a year with very little effort. These have become a huge success all over the Dallas, TX area because people love giving them as gifts, as well as receiving them. There has never been an easier and more attractive way to help you worship.

Start your studying by ordering one today!

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