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Finding ways to make sure that the birth of Jesus Christ remains a central part of your Christmas celebrations is sometimes a little bit difficult. A lot of the commercialization of the holiday has led people away from that. And even when you can find appropriate decorations and ornaments that tend to be very low quality. Unfortunately, it seems like the days when Christmas stockings were hand-made at home are long gone. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on making Jesus a central part of your celebrations!

At Living Fully we created and started the trend of hanging Christmas stockings that say “Happy Birthday Baby Jesus” on them as a way to make sure that children remember the true meaning of the holiday. These hanging Christmas stockings come in three different sizes. There are the tree ornament styled Christmas stockings that are little ornament stockings for presents or trees, and you can even buy them in a pack of 10. We also carry adult Christmas stockings to hang next to your children’s.

Christmas stockings include TWO colorful booklets,with your gift for JESUS'S STOCKING;Children's booklet filled with virtues. They have pictures to interest and engage children, and there is even a letter from Jesus and instructions for parents on how to incorporate the stocking and the teachings into your holiday traditions. And because of demand, we now offer all three sizes in Spanish as well as English.

Since their introduction, families all over the Dallas, TX have come to love our Christmas stockings them.

Let us help you keep Christ in Christmas by shopping today!

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