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We understand that staying close to God and keeping Christ in your thoughts at all times can be difficult. All of us have our everyday lives to worry about, and there are always a thousand things to think about and worry over. Sometimes it can seem like the world is simply too overwhelming to worry about reading the Bible or finding time to contemplate the Lord. But those are the times when you need it the most, and this is why we created our daily Protestant scripture cross calendars.

When customers come to Living Fully, they expect to find products that not only respect their deeply held religious ideals, but also are items that are excellent quality. We know that you want something beautiful to display that helps put you in the mind of the divine every time you see it, and that is why our cross calendars come in an exquisite gift box made with heavy glossy white paper. The covers of the calendar are made from this same high quality paper, making them great for gifting or displaying in your home or office.

All of the lettering on the covers and the gift box of the cross calendars is embellished in gold. They are truly spectacular and eye catching items. Inside you will find a different Biblical topic with an appropriate Bible verse and references to scripture for each and every day of the year. This even includes holidays! No matter where you are in the Dallas, TX area, we know that you have a friend somewhere who would love and cherish this great way to connect with the scripture.

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